Ten Moons Rising Midwifery Services
Ten Moons Rising Midwifery Services

Our Philosophy of Care

Circle of Hands Photo Midwives are guardians and keepers of normal, healthy pregnancy and birth. We believe that birth is a natural process, not a disease, and we trust in the natural ability of women's bodies to birth their babies.

Research has shown that planned homebirth is as safe or safer than hospital birth. As homebirth midwives we are dedicated to preserving and protecting birth as a sacred passage while ensuring the safety of mother and baby.

Midwives are experts in normal birth. We have been educated and have experience in providing individualized, hands-on support throughout the childbearing year (pregnancy, birth, postpartum). We have expertise in nutrition, natural childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting, as well as in identifying situations and conditions that fall outside the norm (referring to other care providers when necessary). We follow the Midwives Model of Care that includes monitoring the mother's physical, psychological and social well-being; providing education and counseling; minimizing technological interventions; and offering continuous support through labor, birth and postpartum.

We are firmly committed to supporting women's rights to choose to where, how and with whom they birth. We recognize that each birth is unique; the focus of our care is to establish a personal relationship with each family, respecting and responding to individual social, spiritual, cultural and economic differences and needs. In our practice, the birthing woman and her family are active participants at every stage. To that end we provide information and resources, encouragement and practical suggestions so that the birthing woman can make informed decisions about her care. Birth and parenting can be empowering and transforming experiences. We strive to nurture the woman's confidence in her own strength, abilities and choices.

We are honored to be there to welcome new babies into the world, to serve birthing women and their families, and to participate in this miraculous part of the cycle of life.

The Midwife-Client Relationship

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We believe that each woman has the right to choose her place of birth, and attendant. We also believe that midwives have the right to choose their clients according to their own limitations and protocols. We believe honesty about client health and care provider experience level are especially important for making the safest choices for place of birth and attendant. In addition, because midwives work with women during a very intimate and generally life-changing time, we feel it is important to take the time to develop a relationship of trust. Without a trusting bond between midwife and client, we may jeopardize the safety of our working relationship.

If you have any medical conditions or significant past obstetrical history, it is important that you share it with us. If there are parts of your past that you do not wish to share in front of a current partner or someone else who is attending prenatal visits with you, please make an effort to contact us by phone or email to discuss your situation. Everything you tell us is confidential and will not be shared without anyone except with your express permission as in the case of a transport or transfer of care.

If you have special requirements or requests of a midwife, such as religion, lifestyle, philosophy, education/training or legal status, please make these clear during initial phone contact or consultation. We will let you know honestly if we can meet those needs. We know many other midwives in our area and are happy to support you in finding the best possible fit.

Legal status of midwives in your community

The laws in Oregon are relatively supportive of homebirth care. At the first consultation we will discuss with you the ways this component of the midwife-client relationship impacts us specifically. If you are not willing to operate under the legal conditions that govern midwifery in Oregon, then we can assist you in choosing a Certified Nurse Midwife who, by and large, will have more political and legal freedom in our community.

Midwifery protocols

The safest midwife is the one who knows her own limitations and does not exceed them. If we encounter a situation or condition that is beyond our scope of practice, we will let you know. We realize it can be extremely disappointing to have to transfer care to a physician or transport from home to hospital. Please know that if we suggest these alternatives to you, it is not done lightly. We will stay with you and continue your care as doulas or labor support professionals and, in many cases may be able to engage in co-care along with the physician. This improves your continuity of care, but also insures that your needs do not exceed our skill level.

Protocols apply to the pregnancy as well as to the birth. We rely on good nutrition and exercise as our main allies in preventing complications. We also have other tools available to us such as herbs, homeopathic medicines, chiropractic, acupuncture and allopathic medications to treat problems that may arise. We may suggest certain tests from a lab to screen for potential medical problems. These are all procedures we discuss with you as they arise. We believe that it is important for our clients to be involved in informed decision-making around their births.


We generally see clients once a month through 28 weeks, once every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, then once a week until the birth. Extra visits may be scheduled under certain circumstances. If you must be late for an appointment, please call. This enables us to reschedule for another day if the delay will influence other clients. This of course, also applies if you must cancel an appointment. Unless you are experiencing an emergency or personal/family crisis, it is also helpful if you cancel at least than 24 hours before your appointment time.

We are willing to be flexible when scheduling appointments, and ask that you do the same. If another client goes into labor or needs us immediately for some reason we may need to reschedule appointments. We may also cancel and reschedule if we have been up for long hours at a birth and need rest. Please understand that you will receive the same priority treatment when you need us. We are generally available by cell phone and do not mind receiving important calls later at night or on the weekends≬in fact the middle of the night is the most common time for women to kick into labor. If your concern is not an emergency we do ask that you restrict calls to regular business hours - that is between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays. If a situation is causing you stress or worry and you are not sure whether it qualifies as an "emergency," please do call, regardless of the time. It is most important to us that you feel safe and well cared for over the course of your pregnancy.

Childbirth preparation

We strongly encourage our clients to become knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor, delivery, midwifery care, homebirth, parenting, and other subjects by reading and/or attending classes. This basic information is necessary for you to become a responsible partner in your own health care. We believe you cannot give truly informed consent if you haven't spent sufficient time examining your options. Women who have some sense of what is normal for pregnancy, labor and birth are less likely to become frightened unnecessarily. And more importantly, you will be able to immediately report to us anything outside of normal.

We also require our clients to meet certain physical requirements regarding the birth site. These include having running water available and a way to boil it, having a telephone nearby, maintaining a basic level of cleanliness, and having certain supplies on hand. If we arrive at your birth and basic amenities and supplies are not available, it could jeopardize the outcome your birth. If you are having difficulty meeting any of these requirements, please bring it to our attention so we can help you remedy the situation well ahead of the due date.


Most midwives charge for their services, though there are still a few spiritual communities where midwives volunteer or are paid through a barter system. We charge a global fee and can accept some insurance payments, including the Oregon Health Plan. We also offer a cash discount and will work with you to set up a payment plan that works for all of us. We are very flexible about payment plans. However, once the payment terms have been agreed upon we expect you to make it a priority to pay on time. Midwifery care is very time- and labor-intensive and when clients do not pay for services rendered, they are inhibiting the midwife's ability to provide for her own family. So while money is not central to the midwife-client relationship, paying on time is an important gesture that indicates services are valued and contributes to a mutually beneficial and respectful exchange.. We are happy to discuss the particulars of payment and your own family's needs at the consultation.

We also understand that occasionally there are emergencies that stretch budgets to the breaking point. If such an event occurs, please call us promptly so we can renegotiate your payment plan. We cannot be expected to absorb the cost of your financial emergency. Please do everything in your power to pay the full fee before your baby is born. We also want to make clear that you are paying for midwifery care and not a homebirth. If we transport during labor you are still responsible for the birth fee. We feel strongly that decisions to transport should not be confused by worry about getting paid. In addition, because transports generally mean a slow non-progressive labor, we tend to spend more time with women who transport than with those who do not. If a complication arises over the course of pregnancy and we decide together that an obstetrician may be more appropriate for you, we will prorate our charge according to the amount of time we have spent with you. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Trust birth

With mutual honesty and respect, a deep bond of trust will likely develop during the prenatal visits. As this happens, we can relax with one another and allow the birth to unfold naturally. This, of course, means that you need to trust in birth as well≬something not easily accomplished in this society. If you believe that the birth process can work without medical intervention, then it probably will, but not always. There are no guarantees in life or birth! We cannot promise you a perfect baby or a perfect birth experience. We can promise you that we will do everything within our power to insure a healthy baby and an empowering experience. Sometimes birth needs technical assistance. Sometimes a baby is born sick or malformed. Sometimes a baby dies, regardless of what mother or midwife did prenatally to insure a healthy birth. No one has all the answers - not doctors, not midwives, and not mothers (though they are often expected to). Together we make decisions that affect your pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum and you will need to be willing to accept responsibility for these decisions. That said, it is important to keep warnings in perspective. Homebirth midwives have excellent outcomes, and the most likely result of midwifery care is a beautiful baby and a wonderful birth experience. That is why we keep practicing! We look forward to building a relationship with you and your family.

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